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Residents and attendings have specialized, detailed sign-out needs. Fluent Medical designed its resident sign-out solution in cooperation with several major residency programs.

iPatient puts safety first

Incomplete, inaccurate hand-offs are a major cause of medical errors and a threat to patient safety. With iPatient’s SignOut solution, residents record accurate information about patients' care, treatment, current condition and any recent or anticipated changes.

  • Standardized communication leads to enhanced clinical outcomes by reducing the incidence of unfinished or conflicting observations
  • A visual, census based workflow makes it easy to enter all sign-out details, adding as much detail to diagnosis and plan as necessary
  • Fully customizable forms and layouts support any residency discipline

iPatient improves program efficiency and collaboration

  • Residents and attendings perform actions such as new patient assignments and reassignments from iPatient's census
  • Critical patient data is available at the point of care
  • iPatient integrates with hospital EMRs and billing systems so data is always where it is needed
  • A full sign-out history is accessible for each patient, which can serve as a good source for a case portfolio
  • Residents enter data at the point of care, or anywhere, from mobile devices, tablets or desktops
  • All patient data is protected at all times by iPatient's HIPAA compliant security

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